Our Purpose

Celebrate Life's Pleasures

Sexuality is at the core of human nature.
It is a vital aspect of our lives,
transcending age, gender, and culture.

We aim to promote its importance,
as an important part of the joy of living,
rather than something that should be
kept behind closed doors.

Through creations that make your heart sing.
Through proposals for new concepts of wellness.
Through new ways in which we can support one other.

In a world one step closer,
to one enriched with pleasure


At the TENGA Company
we believe that enriching, empowering
and fulfilling people's sexual wellness
can lead to a richer, more fulfilled
life overall.


We endeavor to make
sexuality and sexual wellness
a part of the joy of living,
rather than a taboo to be hidden.

To make this a reality...

We research & develop pleasure items
for all genders and orientations
to enjoy their sexual pleasure.

We create items to facilitate
moments of physical affection
with those close to us.

We work with doctors, specialists, and educators,
to create products and services to alleviate
or treat issues around sex and sexuality.

We research & develop products
that care for intimate areas and
allow you to have a closer relationship
with caring for your body.

we have started a project
to expand the expression of love and sexuality
through the power of collaborative art,

and are opening up the freedom to create,
through a support facility for those with alternative needs.

Through these activities,
as well as a playful heart filled with love,
we will continue to create and collaborate,
to realize a world where life is enriched with pleasure.